Tuesday, March 4, 2014

happy 3rd birthday, sweet one.

to the sweetest little firecracker that ever was:

Happy Birthday to my big 3 year old!  It seems like an impossibly short time to be with us, and also like time has once again disenchanted me with its speed.  Your precious smile and all of those sassy faces seem like they have lived in my heart forever.

You love princesses above anything else.  You are rarely dressed in actual clothes, just princess dresses and tiaras.  You also are all about snacking.  I don't have clue which part of your actual six pack that you stuff all of the snacks, but you ask for "tacks" every ten minutes.

We have gone back and forth with bedtime routines, but you remain snuggled close because I'm too desperate for sleep to ask for any nighttime shenanigans.  Our life seems to be impossibly busy, which may be evidenced by the fact that this is a date late!  I think this may be a first for my birthdays and monthly letters.

Your imagination is magnificent.  You can be found chasing various monsters out of our living room.  Those monsters become impossible to catch when it's time for bed or time to put away toys, as they completely impede your ability to complete the given task.  Convenient.  You have begun drawing letters and people - circles with two little eyes and some wild hair.

You can count to 12, and you have recently started asking about letters.  You can sing the alphabet, although you have something against the T-U-V part, and often leave it out.

You are sassy, and smart, and full of love.  You are challenging and engaging, and perfectly adorable.  You know what you want, and you'll go to any extreme to get it - I hope you always know how important that drive is for the dreams you have in your heart.

You love Jesus, and can recite the story about Adam and Eve.  You sing about Jesus and talk about Him often - my heart swells with pride that you know Him, and want to know more.

I can't believe you are three.  We are blessed beyond measure for a healthy, happy, and rambunctious bundle of sweetness.

We love you to the moon!


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