Monday, February 3, 2014

see jane run

Yards of fabric dance through the dryer; my mind tumbles almost as rapidly with ideas for transformations.  Some rainbow, some plain; all amazing.  I'm waiting for spare time (ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.) to turn these into the sweetest outfits.

Today was a refreshing day to stake my claim for the couch and two precious girls.  We did a lot of snuggling and letting the day drag.  Those sort of days seem few and far between.  After the Broncos let us down, a whirlwind week last week, and a craving for sit still days, it was perfect.

Yesterday, on February 2, 2014, my big girl read her first book.

In that notorious sort of choppy reading, stopping to look for my approval after each and every word.  Stopping at "the" and saying, "Is this that funny word?"

I have worked in many schools, I have seen the knowledge of letters turn into the ability to decipher words, but this, with my own child is positively unreal.  I can see her wheels turning, her face lights up, and all of those trillions of times she asked me what sound this letter said?  Payoffs.

We spent our quiet time before bed talking about things like loose teeth, and where the tooth fairy makes her home.  I like five.  I like five a whole lot.


We spent a snow day on Friday with friends, saw numerous performances brought to us live by the Hello Kitty microphone and an array of other noise-making items deemed necessary to interrupt adult conversation.

Satuday night saw me trekking off sans children (a hallelujah may have escaped) into a snowy night.  I ate dinner with my mom and enjoyed THE QUIET.


I have been so wrapped up getting through each day's routine with a daunting calendar full of social events.  We are finally wrapping up the kindergarten debacle.  Which was basically on a similar level to college application essays and declaring your entire future with the line asking what you wanted to be when you grew up.  And equal reactions upon discovering she got in to our favorite.

With that behind us, and my second bible study class decidedly marked maybe later from my end (<< that right there was a nice way of saying I DROPPED OUT OF BIBLE STUDY.  For real.) I'm trying to reign in the important things with the time that seems to slip away.

Also?  This kid is a month away from turning three.  Her sleep is off the charts wacky, and I think she's cramming last minute tantrums with the few remaining days of being safely tucked under the terrible twos title.

Tonight, she couldn't seem to eat her chicken.  Jimmy asked her why she didn't eat it.

"Um. It was raw. AND, it clapped at me."

I can't even argue with such a thing.

Almost three and five.  Life seems startlingly short and so amazing all at once.

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