Monday, February 17, 2014

a different perspective.

You know you're in deep in this mothering schtick when you'd pretty much saw off a limb in exchange for a night's uninterrupted sleep.  And by pretty much, I mean I would.  Eisley's adenoids are the subject of wagging fingers as we struggle to figure out sleep solutions.  I'm working on natural remedies (essential oils at the moment), but am open to ideas.  Share them if you have them!

Exhaustion in my back pocket, I put on my best blessed face because it's true; there are many joyful things.  Despite being tired, I wake up to a happy little face begging for breakfast.  This book has deeply touched my soul - it makes me want to be better, and it's a reminder that I'm in great company with many moms with similar feelings.

We have had the laziest weekend in the history of us.  I'm not the least bit sorry.  After solid weeks packed with so many things, we were turning down various activities (see: the time I quit bible study).  Last weekend began the final week of a packed schedule, and we are relishing the quiet, lazy days that seem so few and far between.

Ruby is officially enrolled in kindergarten.  I will go no further in my thoughts about her being that old, because that's dangerous territory.

The girls went to a father/daughter dance last weekend with our sweet friends (and cousins!)

how precious are these girls?!

Eisley burst through the door and declared, "I had FUNNNN" as if she briefly entertained the idea that she may not.  Ruby raved about the meatballs and the new dance she learned (the chicken dance).  It warms my heart to imagine Jimmy holding his girls and dancing with them, setting standards for their respective futures.


I promise myself at least once a week that I'll get better at blogging.  And it appears to fall down the list like putting clean laundry away.  Some day.

For now, the cookies are made and I await company for some shameless reality television.

(and yes, the laundry still awaits.)

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