Friday, January 3, 2014

reflections of 2013

Resolutions and hopes are scribbled and closed tight in a journal - a year of thankful lists closely behind them.  I'll forever be thankful to 2013 for being the year that finally showed me how to lead with my heart, and not my mind.

The year where I celebrated the genuine friendships.

The one where we were globe trotters - covering thirteen states {missouri, kansas, colorado, wyoming, montana, idaho, indiana, ohio, kentucky, north carolina, pennsylvania, georgia, florida} and five other countries {italy, croatia, greece, turkey, paris}

The one where I discovered my goals of perfection are not attainable and they are not supposed to be.

The year where fears and failure stared me in the face.

The year where I aligned myself with positive forces and devoured holy inspiration.

we celebrated the turn of the year with bubbles in the bath, bubbles in our cups, "monster legs", and cupcakes.  

I'm going into 2014 with a motto to trust and to love.  I'm handing the reigns over, and I'm letting go of the fears that grip me.  I'm trusting in the good without waiting for the bad.  I'm trusting that I'm good enough.

I'm a work in progress.  It's the beauty about new beginnings.  A new focal point, room for improvement, and a chance to turn failures into successes.

Happiest of 2014, friends.  I am in the dark about the things this year holds, but I'm confident that I'm where I'm supposed to be.  Life is precious - I'm living in the moment.

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