Sunday, December 29, 2013

christmas 2013

We're still enveloped in the magical arms of Christmas; slowly reality slips through, and the dates on our calendar fill.  We slipped in a trip to see family - something I treasure as much as I once dreamed. A world where cookies are plentiful, and kisses are stolen, and love depicted over generations is astounding.

Sadly, we received devastating news twice in one day while we were gone.  It really put this holiday into perspective.  2014 will be emblazoned with a corresponding motto: treasure today!  

On the eve of Christmas Eve, we followed tradition - a trip to Starbucks and a tour of lights.  And somehow, the grand of idea of a sleepover at my mom's house.  Christmas-socked feet, festive nails, and wine; it's good for the soul.  

Time slipped away without notice, and Meredith and I ended up in bed at 3:30 am!  My eyes repaid me with a glorious sand-filled sensation around 6:00 the next evening.

Christmas Eve - notorious for appetizers, Christmas cookies, and new jammies.  We spent it at my mom's.  The girls are proud new owners of a hot pink hummer!  Just like their daddy.  Uh, the hummer part.

traditions.  We also read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and the story of Jesus' birth.

We do Santa here.  But the spirit of Santa happens because of our Savior.  We celebrate the gift of Jesus every day of the year - the Santa part of Christmas is a fun addition.

And because I feel it should be noted in the fun journal of Christmas 2013 - Eisley threw FIT OF ALL FITS when we got home for some reason only a two year old could understand.  It boiled down to one thing: sugar crash.  

The thought of being busted by a waking child while I played Santa was utterly terrifying.  

Ruby woke up an hour after I finished, crying her eyes out.  She asked to sleep with us, and why not add one more to the family slumber party?  

 my sweet sister in law, Megan sent the Willow Tree nativity to me - precious!

Christmas Day -

Glitter swirled in my coffee cup, the girls transformed themselves into proper princesses, and the gift discoveries unfolded in the form of magical playing and the simple dreams coming true.  Pajama-clad and easy.  Christmas with children is amazing.

Family came over for dinner and games - Jimmy cooked our traditional seafood.

I have the sweetest husband!  A stocking full of the little things of happy, a hunt for a dozen pamper-me things, and this tiny new friend!

I used to find the period beyond Christmas sort of sad.  The hype was over, and reality returned, uninvited.  The magic with littles around continues.  And there are leftover cookies!  But most of all, the magic of Jesus and the celebration that happens year 'round is something that elicits great happiness!  The time between Christmas and the beginning of the new year is dedicated to enjoying the quiet, collecting a stack of goals to better myself.

And also, Pinterest things happened.  Because of the whole quiet-thing.  

Christmas?  A total success.  We fit everything important into our celebration.

And as for 2013?  Amazing.  One of my favorites for sure.  I'm ready for 2014!

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