Saturday, December 14, 2013

angels and Santa

My tiny angels are washing off the last of the hair glue and the remnants of silver tinsel, as they reenact various scenes from Beauty and the Beast underneath the suds.  I'm finishing the portions on my over-filled plate while I listen to them play.  Today was one of those days where motherhood seemed magical.  And a special privilege rather than a daunting task.  Sometimes, it's a whole lot of both of those things.  They performed in the Christmas program and made the cutest little angels.

{For the baby book: I got Eisley's hair IN A BUN.}

I cannot possibly put into words the way this picture makes me feel.  Something about the way they both look so different, and yet I see tiny similarities.  The older they get, the closer they are.  The laughs that erupt from their sister playtimes are something I never want to forget.

It seems impossible to have a mere 17 days left in the year.  I'm already making plans for the dates sprawled across the month of January!  Soaking it up as 2013 is on its way out the door.  And I'm writing this to make myself accountable: our list of gifts grows, and my eagnerness to buy early in the year dwindles.  This is unacceptable.  I'm starting my Christmas gift collecting in March next year.

December 12th found us celebrating one year of being in our new home.  We transitioned our memories, traditions, and favorite things into our home a year ago - it seems impossible!  I mostly celebrated that Eisley decided to fall victim to a nap that particular day, and I finished some projects.

Bless her heart.  She really wanted to love him, and she just couldn't manage.  She asked for a LeapPad  , grabbed her treat, and was out of there like a mad twist of fury.  As we left, she told me he forgot to give her her gift, and she needed to go back and talk to him again.  A heart divided; I've so been there.

 Perhaps next year will be the ticket.  A smile with Santa and braids in her hair?  We'll see what the future holds.

Truffles and laundry call my name.  And a million other things, but I have priorities.

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