Saturday, September 28, 2013


These girls.  

Good grief.  I never realized what motherhood would be.  The hardest thing I've ever loved.  And the best thing I have ever done.

Getting ready to leave my loves makes my heart break.  Sleepy baby breaths, and princess dance parties, and laughter.  

I'm leaving most of my heart here, and taking the rest of it on a whirlwind adventure that I'll never forget.  I'm thankful and nervous, and happy, and heartbroken.

And because they never stop making me smile, some 'isms:


Sitting in a shopping center, Ruby noticed a Subway sign, and asked, "Hey, is that Subway D Fresh?"  
(Subway...Eat Fresh!)

Singing songs with a little sister is hard.  "Eisley keeps erupting!"  Sounds about right.


As she twirls with Lelly, dancing until she falls over.  She gets up, looks at me across the room, and says, "You knocked me over!"  

"I didn't knock you over."

"Well, who did then?"

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