Tuesday, September 10, 2013

of magic and sprinkles

Roses stand alert in a blue-tinted mason jar that was once housed in my great-grandmother's kitchen.  A dozen.  And beside them sit the most beautiful star-gazer lilies.  And slightly shy, tucked in the fridge, a third bouquet of delicious fruit fruit flowers - dipped and sprinkled and arranged delightfully.

Heaps of messages with various emojis deemed appropriate for celebrations - my day started out like magic, and it never stopped.

I have no idea what this year has in store for me - almost like the biggest birthday gift of all; surprises throughout the year at the mercy of The Unknown.

I do know this: I'm blessed beyond measure with the people in my life, the love I am shown daily, and the way my life is unfolding before my eyes - like something out my dreams.  It's not perfect, but it's mine, and I'm so thankful for life.

Celebrating another year - of happiness, health, wealth, and blessings.


Here's to another year - starting it out with the best-decorated counter tops and my favorite kind of fruit - the chocolate-covered kind.

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