Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Our summertime has been the craziest yet, and I'll miss the sweaty curls, the sand-covered toes, and the summer treats.

But, HELLO FALL!!!  In our world, fall begins this weekend, with the flip of the calendar.  School begins, ballet toes will be remembered, and more somersaulting at the gym will happen.  I'm thrilled for the things that will be swept in with fall.  And also, we are that much closer to our Mediterranean adventure.

my pumpkin spice candle may have slipped out a little early this year.

I'm working on embracing the changing seasons of life as I do the changing seasons themselves.  I have so many dreams to pursue, and the little people by my side make it challenging and encouraging.  I used to be terrified of them growing up, forgetting the little things that I once held tight in my hands and heart.

It's impossible to hold tight to every thing, but the joy those things have brought me will never be forgotten.  I write these things so I can look back with smiles and share them when the girls are older.  Things like "tug tug" - Eisley's lingo for snuggle.  And the evolution of I love you from la la to giggly-proud love you!

I can't believe the time.  It flies and it brings joy, and it's completely out of my control.  But I love the new things it brings.  And the place in my heart it maintains.

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