Wednesday, August 14, 2013

in this moment

Somehow, amidst the chaos we wrangle in our daily lives, we have time to stop for things like shadow puppets with Moo, stickers strew across every piece of furniture we own, and family outings.

We went to the Rockies game on Sunday with friends, and stayed after for a concert by the David Crowder Band.  Like, World's Best Pick Me Up after a really hard week in which I was forced - again - to realize some things are completely out of my control.  Taking peace in what the future holds and living in the moment - what a fine line.  One I need to walk more carefully.

Delighted were we as we watched Eisley look on in horror as wisps of cotton candy were eaten; quickly she transformed her thinking and inhaled most all of it.  

Football season is upon us.  Jimmy would look at me and correct my thoughts - football season is all year.  Now is the time where we miss him.  A lot.  This will be his seventh season as a football coach, first one at this school.  I have been blessed by the kindness of the other coaches and the emphasis they put on their home life.  There is life outside of football after all.

I'm happy he can do what I love, and I'm also really excited to live vicariously through a younger self that went to Friday night football games - instead of Saturday games in the thick of the sunshine.  And the average travel time for away games has been significantly cut.  .

My sweet girls have been ever so fun lately.  Not that they aren't always, but motherhood isn't without trials.  I love to hear their imaginations intertwined, their princess stories being constructed as they build their respective castles.  Their smiles make my life brighter, their laughter like music.  Sometimes, my life seems too perfect to be real.  And it's far from perfection, but right up there next to grateful, and unbelievably blessed.

We're off to our last wedding weekend of the year, and then the countdown is on until our last big shebang of the year.  My journals are being filled with itineraries and European to do lists.

And also?  The countdown to fall is nearly over.  Pumpkins and boots and love, here we come.



As I went to scoop her out of her carseat as we went out to dinner, Ruby looked at me with the most serious of faces and said, "Mom, puppets don't have teeth because they aren't real.  Right, mom?"


As she carried in a chapstick she knew she shouldn't have, she looked at me awaiting my response.  She said, "I don't eat it.  That's my job."  (Is it obvious we have had this conversation before?)

After a battle of the wills before bedtime, her begging to watch Cinderella, me begging for sleep, she randomly yelled, "It's TUESDAY!"  Ironically, it was Tuesday.  I'd love to claim genius, but I think I'll have to go with lucky coincidence.

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