Saturday, July 27, 2013

here we are again


We are finally back earthside after what seemed like a brief jaunt in another dimension where we could never properly adjust to the time difference which resulted in difficult children, overly tired parents, and an imminent desire to sleep for a week straight.

And now I'm in the land of laundry with much less love than the previous two weekends which we spent wedding hopping.  On the cheery note of the things we left: we also are without the humidity (OHMYHOLYHECK!!) but with more of our vibrant sunshine.

We withstood the woes of the heavy, wet air with copious amounts of Happiness through the Green Straw and knowing looks shot between Jimmy and me.

Home finds me getting ready for August which is filling up at a startling rate with plans, and friends, and getting ready for school (!!!!).  And appropriately enough for this love-themed summer, we have one last wedding to attend.  Closets are combed through, fall outfits are making their way in, and if I dare say, I can catch the glimpse of fall in the evenings.

I seem to have a problem in which fabric keeps showing up to my door as I tuck it away in embarrassing piles for the days that must surely lie ahead; the ones in which time is prominent, and I can sew without tricycles running through, cords being leapt over, and the ever dangerous silence.

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The girls and I have been in eight different states over the last month.  We're craving down time at the beach and the pool in the last days of the summer.  I have no earthly idea where this year ran off to, but here's to enjoying the moments as we live them - to the sunshine, to the love, to the longer days.

and one last photo, because this face slays me.  Every sparkly blue-eyed, innocent, button-nosed stinking part of it:

& also, playing with a new watermark at the moment.  That happened as um, fabric shopping did not.

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