Monday, July 15, 2013

Eric and Megan

We have looked forward to July for the last year -with joy and a tiny bit of trepidation if honesty is present.  Birthdays, anniversary, back to back weddings across the country, and a serious lack of downtime.

We just returned from Idaho, a state seriously misunderstood in my humble opinion.  I mean, I have always referred to it as the Potato State - sort of drab and mostly brown with lots of carbs.  No.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been - crystal waters, beautiful mountains and the most unbelievably breathtaking backdrops.  Fifteen hours in the car and I sort of wished it hadn't ended.  Or that we would have uplifted our house to live in a place so beautiful.

I'm mostly kidding on the moving.  And the car ride being longer.

I will forever remember this storybook wedding where my brother married the most perfect girl for him in association with lavender, family, breathtaking views, and a new favorite song which evidently has VIP access to the heart strings.

So thankful for a fun weekend with the people I love the most- a precious new sister and more people to call family.

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