Monday, July 1, 2013

cousin trip and thankfulness.

Some quick things:

Jimmy and I dove head first into learning Italian which has been surprisingly addicting and dreamy to speak such beautiful words.  Whether or not we get there and ask for a cup of shoes rather than a cup of coffee, well, jury is still out.

Ruffly fall clothes are a current weakness.

And um, thin mint creamer.

There's just something about snail mail.  But a package that travels the globe, packed with German treasures and sent by a dear friend - that's like a permasmile in a box.


The girls and I survived our yearly cousin trip.  And we more than survived; the girls were amazing travelers.  I can only hope they keep this up for our next two trips.  While I'm half-tempted to talk about the emotional toll the trip took on my Google-loving self (vomit, weird skin spots, and the general toll of time on some of my favorite people and places), that isn't where I want to dwell.

At one point, my Grandpa sat there, obviously calculating the years, and he told me he was 87 years old.  He is slower and more fragile than he once was, but I treasure so many things about him that have remained the same over the years.  His laugh, and the way his eyes twinkle, his wrinkled hands; symbols of his work.  The way he observes, and the way he expresses concern.  It's tempting to be sad that he forgets, but eighty-seven years.  I am so honored to know him, and blessed that his gift of life has been so long and fruitful.

Eisley inherited my love of Grandma's gingersnaps.  Ruby preferred the ice cream.  There were plenty of both.  I only wish there was plenty of time.  Our time in the car seemed plentiful, and time with our family flew.  Oh and also?  Humidity.  More than plenty of that.

exhibit a:

We had a week full of various reenactments (Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and various princess stories, featuring Ruby as the princess).  We shopped and ate and watched some of the cutest little people love each other and play together.  We saw family, and heard made up songs from the backseat. Tea parties and Sonic runs, rules meant to be broken, our annual trip to the farm, and the sweet traditions that were once mine and our now mine to have with my children.

So, so special.  All of it.

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