Tuesday, June 18, 2013

sweet summer memories

We learned a hard lesson Sunday night.  Eisley has an allergy to cherries.  And an allergy to cherries in her case means puke.  Lots and lots of red puke.  And not in the toilet.  About three weeks ago, when I was home by myself and thought I had things under control, she did the same thing after eating prunes.  As my expertise in Google would discover at 2 AM this morning, the two are oddly connected (and so are a few other things that she hasn't had).  I don't think I have ever heard of a cherry allergy, but my washing machine would tell you how real it is.

I am so very thankful that she threw up rather than going into anaphylactic shock, especially since last night marked night #3 that she has been sleeping in her own bed.  And I know there are a whole host of other things that would make having allergies a miserable thing.  Cherries would probably rank somewhere close to last on the favorites fruits list for me, so I don't think she's missing much.


Eisley has started the nights sleeping in her own bed.  She goes back and forth on whether or not she wants to sleep in her "big girl bed" but she ultimately ends up in our room.  Several years ago, when we started co-sleeping with Ruby, we never heard the end of it.  She would probably be in our bed until college, and um, good luck with that.  Oddly enough, both girls have made the transition out of our bed at nearly the exact same time.  Which also happens to be the same time they have potty trained (YES!  We are out of diapers in this house!)

But--I have never been so thankful for the times my baby has spent in my bed.  Both of them.  I know that it will be much too soon when the wispy curls turn to long waves, the baby that fits perfectly against my body will be a lengthy child, and the desire to sleep in our bed no longer.  Some of my most favorites moments have been spent in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning.  Big girl beds can wait when they need to, because time doesn't.


I am surprised at the love and joy in my life.  I have found my niche, and this is one of my favorite years ever.  Not that there wasn't love and happiness before, but going along with the theme of the last year - self discovery - the difference is so blatant, I wonder why I missed the joy sometimes.

We are meant to be here, at this very moment.  The friends we have made, the home we are establishing, and this life we live.  It's so overwhelming sometimes.  Absolute bliss.  And it's taken in without being taken for granted.

My favorite little things of the moment: Eisley helping me water our growing (!!!!) plants, the way Ruby turns absolutely every situation into a full blown musical, our lazy mornings with coffee and snuggles, the determination to conquer the sewing machine; stubbornness pays off in the form of cute clothes, the girls' current favorite game which consists of them traveling to Disney World.  I'm the bossy airline lady, and they always needs lots of tickets.  Also: pint-sized and regular-sized BFFs, days at the beach, skype dates with friends, and frozen yogurt dangerously close to our house.


Wedding season is upon us.  Three wedding invitations for our siblings decorate our fridge, last minute travel plans are being made, and we are ready to celebrate.  But first: our yearly cousin visit and visit with some of our very favorite people in the midwest.  A drive through Kansas, sweet summer memories, and love await.

backyard games, butterfly adventures, beach and mini golf outings, and fancy desserts just because.  Summer is here, and so the are the good things.

Eisley's rendition of You are My Sunshine

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