Friday, June 7, 2013

change of scenery

We have had a busy two weeks.  Jimmy left for what seemed like months for a fishing trip in Canada.  The first half of the week went incredibly well, and though I was not successfully juggling all that I wanted to, I was pretty impressed with the lack of disasters in general.  Though, my attempts to hang a curtain rod by myself were met with mocking screws and holes.  Lots of holes.  And a panicked message to a friend that saved the day.

I mean, the house was actually clean, and I was painting pantry doors and bedrooms.  And my kids were fed and thriving.

And then the puking started, which seemed to be the first step in a chaotic collapse.  Upon which everything else tumbled to the ground - including my sanity.  And after a really messy situation at the house which made me contemplate getting a hotel for the night, I thought it would be over.  And then we ended up at urgent care for a very disturbing bug bite.  Thankfully, it didn't turn out to be an issue, but there's nothing like the fear of your child's wellbeing to ground you.

Then Jimmy returned.  Ruby left for four days at VBS with my mom, the ice cream truck came parading into our neighborhood with it's infamous tunes, and it was like the clouds parted.  My luck changed.

Ruby's week consisted of mixing play dough, building elaborate lego vehicles with Uncle Corey, and likely having too many cookies.  At the VBS celebration yesterday, I had a lady tell me they always got so excited to see what Ruby would come wearing.  More importantly, I was told she was like everyone's ray of sunshine through the week.  I hope she is like that always.

As I drove back into my hometown yesterday, I took a minute to reflect over the sight of the mountains.  Home.  They have always seemed like home.

In all of their breathtaking beauty, they are scenery now.  Not the meaning of home or the place where my family lives.  It's a weird feeling, to close that book and stick it back on the shelf.  For memories only.  My mom moves out in a week - the last time I will likely ever stay in our old house.  Bittersweet to be sure.  Our first home. My two babies were brought home to this house.  First smiles, first steps, and many memories.

And I can't believe the growth that has happened in our house since December.  Big decisions reinforced with affirmation are so meaningful.

And we can't complain too much about this scenery either.

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