Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day

I began the morning with smiles and laughter - it's the best part of my baby still sleeping with us.  Shortly thereafter, the day began to reveal it's true colors.

Sour milk.  In my mouth.

I have never wanted to lose my breakfast so badly.  I will never get that taste out of the memory banks.

I vowed then that the little things of the day would win - not the insignificant ones.  On Friday, I had a precious day full of nothing at all.  Just being.  It's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity and the things that seem to go wrong, but who am I to let sour milk (and a whiny toddler) set the tone for my day?


My week ended with a fun night out with my friend Erin, a day at the museum and a trip for cupcakes and then a night spend with amazing friends, delicious Thai takeout, and the aforementioned cupcakes.

Warm-toned roses and chocolates were delivered - a colorful surprise that decorates my table - with the words World's Best Mother lingering on display - a humbling phrase, and one that I probably don't own.

A late night met with a morning of sleeping in - every mom's perfect gift.  Greeted with the syrupy aroma and coffee - pancakes decorated with the thoughtful I ❤ U served in bed.

I am so thankful for this day.  And not for myself.  For the chance to be grounded and to be thankful.  To stop and take it all in - the sacrifices that we have the joy to be making for our children.  It's a humbling thought for me to think of all the moms I know, my own mother, and the ones who have stepped in in complimentary fashion as additional moms - what an inspiring group of women I have to make me a better mom.

I posted this on instagram today:

with the words that I feel quite strongly about:

motherhood isn't a hobby, rather a destiny in which God gave you precious life to look after and love. A calling, a lifestyle. There are fleeting moments of sadness and frustration, but the triumphs of joy and discovery through it all are indescribable.


The boo-boo kissers, the maids, the chefs, the pest control, the entertainment, the chauffeurs, the organizers, the story tellers, the body guards, the goodnight tucker inners, the snugglers, the nurses, the teachers, the inspiration.

Cheers to all of you.  There are so many moments where you question things.  Or question everything.  The balancing act it takes to feel fulfilled and successful in this crazy world of motherhood is a task.  The hardest and most rewarding one I have ever had the pleasure of completing.  You all are amazing.

To the people that have mothered me in various ways - you are so appreciated.  I have taken every little piece of mom wisdom and tucked it away in the deepest parts of my soul, the love in my heart.

To the women that dread this day each year - I am so very sorry.  You are not forgotten, your loss is not forgotten, and you are loved.

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