Tuesday, April 23, 2013

weekend things and one of those days.

Saturday brought friends, farm, and fun.  And food.  And my dad.

city girls go to the farm --my favorite part of this photo is the stoplight in the background.  

Sunday brought a church service and a large slice of humble pie.  Like the whole pie.  I can only imagine God sitting in His director's chair with a giant bucket of popcorn as he stifled laughter while I listened to a sermon on forgiveness whilst sitting next to my dad---who I have had trouble understanding if I have forgiven or not after the avalanche of collapse that was once my parents' marriage.  I have work to do.  

 I reset myself with a much needed Starbucks date with my sweet friend Erin.

Monday brought snow.  And gymnastics.

Tuesday (today) brought feelings of frustration and the arrival in a semi familiar land of I'm probably the world's biggest failure.  Ever happen to you?  You start off being late, stressed out, get into a "discussion" that you shouldn't, and then somehow, you talk yourself into believing you're probably the worst wife.  And the worst mom.  While we're still going, you have weight to lose, and you have nothing to wear either.  Also, makeup couldn't hide the suitcases under your eyes.  We might as well keep going.  Worst driver award goes to you.  Just because you are you today, and your feelings are extra spectacular about everything.  The first three spots at Sonic will have error messages on the ordering screen - this is probably a sign straight from God that you shouldn't be treating yourself to lunch, right?  You'll probably arrive at the parent/teacher conference and hear your child has unexpected issues, and maybe if you're really going at this hard, your toddler will pee all over the floor.  After you specifically asked her if she needed to go.

Newsflash - not a fun land to be in.  Thankfully, I don't visit often.  Bath time was packed up early after everything in the near vicinity--and not-- was completely soaked in five minutes.  Bedtime happened early too.  It was a shortest story I can find sort of night.

Today wasn't the truth.  Entitlement to rough days and imperfect things comes with being human.  I went to meet with Ruby's teacher and she had a fabulous report - a better one that I could have imagined (in a world less controlled by emotion, I didn't have any doubts, but still).  I am proud.  So, so very proud of this girl.

We celebrated with a trip to Build-a-Bear, mostly because we have been bitten with the My Little Pony bug and they are there for a limited time (supposedly) - we came home with two Pinkie Pies and two very happy girls.  Good thing Ruby's school report is cause for a family-wide celebration.


sock puppets and baths are love.


Ruby asked for her ice cream in a comb.  Jimmy delivered.  (note instragram photo below: top right)


Eisley has always been sort of like my guard dog - we usually have to reassure her that it's okay if Jimmy or anyone else is in my personal space.  After some painful neck issues, he sat massaging, and Eisley sat worried.  She began calling him: "Daddy!  Come here, Daddy.  Come here NOW.  Two, three, two, three!"   --Think any of that's familiar in her little head?

Tonight, I'm thankful for tomorrows.  And short of taking them for granted, I'm promising to find the love and joy.

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