Monday, April 29, 2013

warm weather lovin and the time I almost didn't make it home

we're so cool, we cheers ice cream cones.

Tiny chalk footprints decorate my wood floors - a sign that warm weather is here (for now).  Berry-stained mouths and sunscreen trails.  The smell of BBQ through my screen door.  Summer weather is around the bend, and I'm thrilled.

Today I biked around the neighborhood with the girls in tow, which is approximately 298 pounds and instead of looking like I knew what I was doing through construction sites, I looked like a dying dog and sounded like I had emphysema or a baby being born any moment.  I didn't get off my bike at any point in the neighborhood, but I won't lie and say the thought didn't cross my mind.  Pride got in the way.  I tried to act very normal when we got home - like I wasn't struggling to find regular breaths and my legs that worked.  Nap time came at a perfect time - our first use of the fan for the year, and the perfect excuse to stare at chubby cheeks and perfect lashes.

I'm sure tomorrow, I'll get to remember my fun bike ride allllll day.  Like the gift that keeps on giving.


Yesterday, all of my deceit and sneaking around came to a head and we came home from church to a SURPRISE! birthday bash for Jimmy.  I have no clue how I pulled it off, but things you should know - I stored a loaf of bread in a suitcase photo prop, I exchanged a tote full of beer with a friend.  In the church parking lot.  I hid text messages, requested specific times for phone calls from all involved, arranged for him to be golfing with a friend, and generally acted extremely shady for the three weeks that preceded his birthday.

It was well worth it - we had an amazing time, everything was completed, and we were joined by some of our most favorite people.  I couldn't have done it without making a mad dash to a friends' house and tossing massive amounts of food in their fridge and dining room.  And my mom.  She pulled it all together in record time and it was perfect.

 precious girls chalk-washing the fence.

It's all fun and games until someone misses a nap.  She was actually crying about nothing at all here.


School is winding down, we're trying to organize our must sees for the summer - I hate to see our calendar filling up so quickly, but I love it at the same time.  I know summer will be over in a flash.  I'm enjoying the chalk prints, the sticky faces, and the extra dirty kids while it lasts.


Something I can't bear to correct in her My Little Pony obsession.  She likes to monitor my instagram posting, and is especially fond of the emoticons.  She asks me if she can put cutie marks on my photos.


Another one I won't correct for the time being: In Eisley's world a teapot is a teatop.

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