Friday, April 5, 2013

UBP 2013

I'm excited to link up this year - I missed it last year!

Sit down and grab a cup of coffee.  We like that a lot around here.  Actually, it's a primary habit of survival.  Seems unfair to introduce myself in a few short blog words, so I'll start with the obvious.  Those girls?  They are my entire world.  (And their daddy too, but he's weird about taking whimsical pictures as such).

I'm on a journey back to a simple life - after many bad habits in which it was made seriously complicated, I have spent the last year really magnifying the small things - the important ones and the joyful ones, and that ones that are often taken for granted.

I am currently a stay at home mom which I love and adore and that also means I have a rainbow selection of yoga pants.  Which aren't used for yoga.  In case that wasn't obvious.  They do come in great for watching some reality television, shopping the newest fads (thanks, Pinterest), and chasing my littlest out of bathrooms and dog bowls.

Ruby is four, and Eisley just turned two.  They are completely black and white - which keeps my on my toes and feeling just vulnerable enough in this game of parenthood.  Ruby teaches me that sometimes life is about stopping to dance with your shadow; Eisley teaches me that life is never too serious.

There aren't enough hours in the day for all of the things I love - I have dreams; little ones and lofty ones.

I love crinkle-eyed smiles, chubby little toes, mint green, Starbucks, shopping (hello, Target), photography, a good book, baking, sewing, journaling, my family, my laundry service (pfft, that was a lie; but I wish), and Jesus Christ.

I have an apparent affinity for collecting: fabric, children's clothing, coffee mugs, purses, lipstick, and corn starch (?!) - my life is so random.

In honor of the UBP, I'm giving away one $50 Amazon gift card.  You can get up to three entries - one for following, one for a comment telling me what you'd use it for, and one for following me on Instagram (hilmarhan).  One winner will be drawn using next Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by - have fun at the UBP!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

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Unknown said...

Visiting from UBP13! I totally agree about the yoga pants! I practically live in them! I look forward to following your blog!

Kurstin Sherman (UBP #91)

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