Thursday, April 18, 2013

sending love, Boston.

I never stop, I never stop, I never stop, I never stop SINGING.

Eisley shushes one of many random songs flying haphazardly out of Ruby's mouth.  For now, the shushing tables have turned, but that's not the point.

I forgot to switch the laundry last night, which means I have to restart the washer and reshuffle the clothes left in the dryer.  And fold the pile on the couch.  And the bed.

My living room houses the remnants of a morning fort and the entire library that apparently unfolded in the meantime.

There's a mismatched puzzle train that uses no less than three puzzles.

We have been showered with 18 inches of snow this week, making things complicated and slicing and dicing our plans.

None of that is the point.

Except that it is.  That the little things are the special things - something that seems to be relearned with deeper emotional importance when such tragedies - senseless and unplanned- happen.

I posted on my new facebook page regarding the love that is always present.  The hate turns attention to all of the negative, despite it being little.  The love is overlooked and forgotten about, despite it being plenty.  I find myself wishing that the people behind this tragedy knew love.  Further encouragement to spread more, even in the hardest moments.

We won't fight the evil with evil, but with love and joy and light.  My heart hurts for Boston.  The pictures floating around tear my heart to shreds and I fight back tears every time one surfaces.  But I know nothing of the heartbreak that it was.  I only know what I can do - to hold life on the pedestal that it deserves and to pray for many.

Hang on to the good, or we lose sight of what's precious in life.

Boston strong.  We're rooting for you.

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