Tuesday, April 9, 2013

renewed and refreshed.

Yesterday, Jimmy and I went for a couples' massage, chi treatment, and facial.  I'm still relishing in the aftermath of a brand new body aura.  I'm just gonna throw this out there - I don't love massages.  There. I said it.  I got this as a gift for Jimmy, and thought I'd enjoy the facial much more, but the slicing pain where you see white stars as you feel like your muscles are being perforated from one end to the other?  Yeah, no. I don't like that.  As she moved the fuzzy hair off of my neck, I was really quite close to asking her if she'd mind to just play with my hair the whole time I was there.  Parts are okay, but for the most part, even when I tell them that I can't stand the hard stuff, it's still too hard.  Then I feel like maybe they are wondering why I'm there if I just want my back to be tickled (they should totally sell those types of back "massages"; I'm totally in).

But I do enjoy the way I feel afterwards.  So there's that.

I also really loved the chi treatment, and after being lulled by the rocking, I came to grips with so many of the things in the back of my mind - do you have that?  Where things seem to randomly pop up and beg to be thought about, but then you stuff them away and feel your mind becoming clouded and cluttered.  I worked through all thoughts on the agenda and felt such a wave of relief as everything was cleared; I'm newly inspired with words and emotions and understanding.


Last week, after a trying beginning of normal kid behavior, we spent Thursday at the beach.  We brought a lunch, sand toys, and my kindle.  Our happy place.

This was not before  (TMI about to hit hard) Eisley pooped a penny and I nearly lost my mind.  Jimmy seemed to find hilarity in the situation, claiming that all kids swallow change (?!) and Ruby said, "Well, I was gonna tell you."

(She has since seen change and said "No eat mummy".  Lesson learned (please, God.)

we love froyo; perhaps too much.

Sometimes that's all it takes.  A day at the beach, a day covered in chalk--from tiny curls to chubby little toes.

And sometimes, it's finding that you aren't alone.  That your struggles are similar all across the Momverse.

My favorite part of that day was seeing Ruby get up and begin dancing, catching sight of her shadow right beside her which only encouraged her dramatic dancing with an added bow of her fedora.  Life is about the simplest of things.

I followed my heart to an abundance of inspiring things this week.

Materialism and Contentment - an honest account of a very real problem many of us fight, and a challenge to provoke change (love this sweet girl's blog - she's inspiring and fun, and probably has the best handwriting I have ever seen).

Catching up on Angie Smith's blog - truthful, and inspiring, and raw.  Bless her soul for smacking me in the face when I need it good:

You're Not a Prop

Rushing and Pausing

And two very similar lines of thought:

 --Quiet and Small, It's Okay

--What Would You Look Like?

I have mentioned this before, but someday, I'll stop believing that I find these gems to read and reflect over by complete coincidence.

I had notes from friends, and encouraging texts and tributes of love from so many people yesterday.  I left for dreamland feeling so much more than blessed.  We're celebrating our blessings and precious life today with Cadbury Eggs, Mary Poppins and extra doses of milk and coffee.  (and four degree weather with 60 mph winds and an attempt at a blizzard).

angel face.  that looks like a twelve year old.

sad, happy, scared, happy, mad

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