Sunday, April 14, 2013

mostly photos and little life celebrations

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My mom came up Friday morning, bearing doughnuts and her best FAVORITEPERSON presence for Ruby and Eisley - it's an unbelievable thing to see her love for my children, and the reverse.

We celebrated the end of the day yesterday with a cookie cake and brightly-lit candles with a side of Our God (Ruby's choice) for no reason at all, other than life is beautiful, and we have so very much to be thankful for - I love these people with all of my heart.

We went to a women's retreat yesterday which proved to be quite an emotional experience.  I can't believe the ways in which my heart has been opened in the last year (plus) --what a roller coaster journey for which I am thankful.  That wasn't something I had ever imagined, but my life feels like a missing puzzle piece has finally been found.

Somehow, this precious baby came down with a cold this week.  The snow continues to fight its way into spring - and along come the germs.  Hopefully the last of them as we creep closer towards summer, and thankfully this one has been mild.  However, the nasty cough that never seems to quite go away has flared again - my head continues to wonder about asthma.

We took piggies to a whole new (SIDE!) level yesterday - I could eat this kid up with these tiny sprouts of cute. That and her incessant need to investigate things on the "paa-paa" with her precious little toesies and her blanket from a person saved out of Project Rescue (go check them out - did you know we still have an estimated 27 million humans serving as slaves today?)

they have spent approximately five hours in the last 20 playing with tiny princess and fairy figurines living in an oversize house where none of the furniture fits and they live with giant rabbits in the same dwelling.

Jimmy spent the weekend away at a bowling tournament (six years later and I still have a very hard time keeping a straight face while saying such things--almost as if I was talking in all seriousness about him traveling to a weed eating tournament or something equally as humorous).  

We had a nice girl's weekend which has consisted of "breakfast" (despite it being lunch) at our favorite place, a trip to the bookstore, and a side of shopping.  And books, and snuggles, and special dances,

 Don't mind us, we're just pretending it's spring up in here, while it's four degrees outside.

 one of the most beautiful foods, hands down.

Halfway through April - time baffles my mind.  Soon, we will be traveling again, spending days at the pool, and sunshining our way right through summer.  I wonder when I'll be graced with spare time to complete all of the projects that swirl inside of my head.

For now, the love inside of my heart is enough to keep me content.

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