Friday, March 29, 2013

love, and love, and more love (long rambles).

I called my grandpa last week to wish him the happiest of birthdays - he said to me, "I'm 87.  Isn't that something?"  To one of my favorite people ever, I told him, "I'd say that means you have been blessed."  I can remember the way I idolized his faith in Christ - from a young age, the fact that he had read the Bible, cover to cover and more than once, was baffling and truly tremendous.  And it's still that way.  Inspirational doesn't seem to cut it, but something along that theme - and so very special.

Life inside of a snow globe happened last weekend and into the first of the week.  It's like we moved to Antarctica or something.  And I'm so over it.  And then I feel badly complaining - because the brisk air is rough to tote children in, but the fires over the summer are worse, and we need the moisture.

We were back to warm weather yesterday and had our first picnic of the year and spend the afternoon at the park.  And then came home and happily painted everything in sight of our porch with chalk paint.  Including little bodies.

Yesterday, I had a root canal.  I think my feelings on the dentist were made quite clear when I went last month, but despite starting my day with a root canal, I had a fantastic day yesterday.  I am blessed with an amazing family, sweet friends, and more love than I could ever, ever ask for.

{and just in case you were concerned, the biggest pain with the root canal is my jaw at this point - it's tolerable and I'm thankful that it's over}

But as I started reflecting deeply - I feel like I have come full circle.  I am proud of the things I have overcome - the way I have used obstacles to strengthen my soul.  I stand proud this Easter - proud to know the amazing things Jesus has done for me - as He as loved me when I have been the hardest to love.  Proud that I can see weakness and own it - that I can turn to Him proudly.  It seems as though I have been emotionally invested in a soap opera - horrible on the emotions, the faith, and ultimately the life.  I stand proud because I have stopped believing I can do this on my own - it's a vulnerable feeling, and it's a powerful feeling.

 seriously with this?  This picture is the perfect representation of the love in my heart.

The little things bring me so much joy - they always have, but it's almost like these things are under a magnifying glass.  The glitter that seems to permanently linger on our couches; the random sparkles that catch the light in the hallway, or the way it looks like we have chosen to have Glitter Cement (I feel like I should trademark this idea!) in our basement.  Because our girls can transform themselves into princesses with the change of an outfit.  And that thrills them so.

Last weekend.  I spent the morning laying with a wide awake and snuggly Ruby.  The rest of our house laid sleepy - it was just like old times, when I ran my finger up the bridge of her nose and over her eyebrows.  Sleepy eyelids followed, and innocent eyes followed mine.  I hope I never forget these moments.

We started gymnastics and dance this week (for Eisley and Ruby, respectively).  Walking into that gym with Eisley was like walking into a punch of nostalgia.  I spent much of my life in the gym, covered in chalk dust, scars etched in my palms like the dreams etched in my heart.  What a funny feeling to feel like I never left - and to see the little sparkle of glee in her eyes as she hung on the rings, her giggle as she tiptoed through exercises.

Love.  So much love.

It's the beginning of a wonderful weekend.  Have a blessed Easter.

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