Thursday, March 21, 2013

hello, beautiful sisters

Seriously, my girls are making up secret handshakes that involve sound effects.  Does motherhood get any more fantastic?

We're having some sort of bipolar streak in weather which is just...normal.  Our spring break has been spent with crayons, and snacks, and reading and math (mom of the year, right?) while our goodies for outside sit sadly on the counter, waiting.

And I'm actually afraid that my laundry is growing rather than shrinking in some typical laundry-like fashion; sort of like the way socks disappear without explanation.  So laundry and self-taught cheater calligraphy have been an ongoing theme.

Oh, and antiquing.  I found the cutest conglomeration of antiques in just the building you'd imagine and now we have wonderful pieces of old decorating our house of new.  And then I sort of went and made up for my home decor incident earlier in the week when I successfully nailed 9 things to the wall.

sort of obsessing over this photo, minus the fact that she appears to be old.

We had a bit of a scary week as far as a cough was concerned.  Sunday night, Eisley took an uncomfortably long time to catch her breath during a coughing fit and I was closer to dialing 911 than I have ever been in my life.  It has been an isolated incident, but she has had a lingering cough.  We had some tests done this week and will continue to watch - asthma and allergies are on our list, but the more likely thing is the new germs we have been exposed to this winter, and she just can't catch a break.

Ironically (isn't it always this way?) the ticket to clearing up this cough seemed to be the visit to the doctor - she was noticeably better that afternoon.  

I successfully managed church on Sunday.  Alone.  And then our Moo came to visit.  And tiny hearts broke when she had to leave.  We're hoping for a bit more time with her at the end of her spring break.

We started chore charts this week which made me feel a) too much like my own mom and b) a lot like someone I don't know.  Motherhood obviously does weird, unexplainable things to people.  So far, it's fun for the girls which is what I was going for because in about a month, they'll both be over the excitement of a quarter.

And also?  I feel like this might be child labor to pay in quarters, but they get so much done for one coin to throw in their bank at the end of the day.

We're waiting for you, spring.  We have parks to discover, chalk masterpieces to complete, and bubble parties to attend.

{hilmarhan on instagram}

To Eisley, as they sat in the bathroom while I got ready for the day: "Eisley, I think you have a frog in your mouth."  Curious, I quietly eavesdropped, careful not to interrupt.  Looks are exchanged, and she goes on to say, "I think you need to cough a little bit.  Can you cough for me?"

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