Thursday, March 7, 2013

deep things and other thoughts

Thoughts of various nature flood my mind; generally at the most inconvenient of times.  Like midnight. Or 2 AM.  Things on the philosophical side, theological side, emotional side.  Then things like how I'll better my Ruzzle game, things to journal, how I wish there was a laundry put away service.  How I think I might possibly go to criminal levels for a plate of delish sushi.

The kicker?  My baby has slept through the night for....FIVE days.  In a row.  Also, yes I'm still calling her a baby despite her grand entrance into official toddlerdom earlier this week.  And even though she was caught splashing in toilet and covered in shreds of soggy toilet paper, she's still precious to me. 

Our days until Disney dwindle - I am finding this hard to believe as my battle with time continues to go in time's favor.  I'm underprepared in OCD World, but obsessive and ridiculous with plans for people that don't related to Type A behavior (that sounds like a disease).  Eisley has also admitted to me that she won't be behaving on a plane, so a) at least she is honest and b) there's that.  

My mom celebrated a birthday - a monumental one not in years, but in just--life.  I am excited to see what life has in store for her this year and for many to follow.  She shared that day with a loss of a fighter - Jimmy's coworker and a dear friend lost his mom to a long and unfair cancer battle.  Church messages slip through my mind on repeat when least expected.  Someday, I'll stop believing that these words find me by coincidence.

Love, and be loved.  Send smiles and joy.  Live deeply.

I have a sweet, sweet friend that makes the most amazing sewed creations - stuff that is truly delightful. Girly, and feisty, and perfect.  Go visit her -  her stuff is some of my very favorite and because of her, my girls are going to Florida like tiny, Disney-themed celebrities.  The kimono and dress pictured above are her creations and some of my favorite wardrobe pieces ever.  


Eisley seems to have turned into a cat lady.  She actually appears to be hoarding them.  Stuffed ones, figurines, etc.  I'm beginning to wonder if there is a conspiracy explaining all of these cats we have in our house.  Lately, she has taken to telling us that whatever cat she happens to be toting stinks.  When in's her that stinks.

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