Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was thumbing through my planner this morning - planning for one of my most favorite people ever to come visit.  The script at the top of the page in June happened to catch my eye, and I decided it was something that needed to be made up into large format and become a new life motto - so instead of washing sheets and picking up the trillion legos on the floor, my fingers danced through photoshop and I have something waiting to be printed.

And just because this novel thing happened last night (SLEEP, glorious sleep!) -the coffee is an added bonus instead of the key to staying alive today.

I have great plans for copious amounts of baking, cleaning, and catching up today.  I lead an exhilarating life - be on the edge of your seat looking for updates on the state of my floors and various shortcomings in the world of putting laundry away.

My girls enjoyed the magic of Cinderella today - I have never seen them so entranced.  Eisley has a Cinderella obsession for months now - this was the first time watching the beloved princess on the big screen.

 I also become the neighborhood weirdo out calling for my tiny dog that somehow slipped underneath the gate.  She is home now, thankfully.

Happy Wednesday!

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