Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snowy weekends and spa days

A procrastinating mother nature fought to turn in a mess of a snow project - we spent the weekend holed up at home with blowing snow and a continuous stream of seasonal-flavored coffee.  My sewing machine spent the weekend with frantic thoughts of OMG, who is this?! Mostly because I wasn't threatening to shotput it down the staircase, but also because I spent nearly all of my free time with it and created something tangible - like, something more than just "sewing experience" to be filed away.

I have since added two pairs of princess-themed pants, with vintage Mickey pants waiting in the wings.  After a trip to the fabric store with a friend and a "Lella" obsessed toddler, we had to have the Cinderella fabric - you try telling a near two year old who insists on lugging the entire bolt of fabric that she can't have some pajama pants.

The sewing successes have only fueled the continuing obsession to grow a fabric stash full of whimsy and bright; vintage and cheery.  The most delightfully eclectic and tattooed girl helped me to broaden my stash yesterday with fabrics as colorful as her arms; and I immediately hid my treasures because I'm beginning to run out of excuses for the fabric purchases.  Like, how many sun dresses can I possibly be making?  And it sounds slightly crazy to admit to hoarding or collecting for projects of the future that have yet to have been discovered.

My dad spent the weekend with us - an early birthday celebration which consisted of silly little people-invented games, delicious food, birthday presents (and sympathy presents?) with a side of worm cake which happened after Ruby and Papa had a debate on how disgusting/delicious worm cakes would be.

Last Friday found the girls and I with a dainty finger food lunch to be followed by a spa day.

 straws of whimsy and sweet faces

 my entire world

the looks like this - the ones where I know their hearts are completely intertwined - make the world seem perfect.

Last night found Jimmy and I in the quiet comfort of a mood-lit booth at The Melting Pot for hours.  A Valentine's date that was pushed back twice - it was well worth the wait and topped off with a shopping trip for birthday gifts.

Today was my dreaded dentist appointment.  Because things are real here -  I am completely and utterly terrified of the things that go on in a dentist office.  Like, irrationally scared that I may not make it out alive...or something.  It's something I have always made light of because despite the intensity of the fear - it seems laughable and ridiculous, but as it turns out, all of my fears came to a head today and  I actually lost my mind in the dentist office.  I managed to spew a bunch of verbal vomit at the front desk when I announced I was actually completely terrified to be there which paved the roadway for the entire visit.  It was almost therapeutic for them to consider my fears and ask where they came from - they made me feel comfortable.  I actually told them I'd rather be out giving birth somewhere rather than be there - he did mention he had heard that before and that I broke his heart with my fears.  Unfortunately, I have to go back for a root canal - but I feel safe there.  And that's a huge step.

When Eisley was tiny, Ruby thought we might have made a questionable parenting decision with Eisley's name being Murphy (rather than Marie) - it was endearing.  And it stuck.  Eisley now calls herself that.

And Eisley has just recently graduated from calling her self "Ah-Eyes" to "Eyes-Zee" - bittersweet toddler speak instead of baby babbles.

Somehow, we are five days out from the big t-w-o.

I removed a huge chunk of things from my proverbial plate this week, and I have opened up my precious time for love - loving my family, loving me, and loving the things that are truly important.  I feel like I can breathe again with all of this space freed and weight lifted.

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