Wednesday, February 6, 2013

dressed to the nines and a life of love.

Snuggled up in sweats from middle school with my youngest, I have a cupcake by my side, The Bachelor decorating my television, and the last of the congestion coming out by way of cute baby snores.  I can hear Ruby down the hall, declaring the words that go with the illustrations in her big Richard Scarry book.  The best stories ever.

I feel like I am constantly reforming things in my life - I am on a mission to revamp so many areas, and the prospect of it feels so rejuvenating.  Simplified, love, and happiness.  This means some uncomfortable switches in life that will ultimately bring me peace.

E: "Fwee, Fweee Twoo."
R: "All Aboard!"

Sometimes I wonder why people ask when we will "try for a boy" - I have a multitude of retorts that I'd love to make, but usually laugh and some awkward silence happens instead.  I feel like I have it all with these two--they even wrestle.

In all seriousness: if there were ever any future babies, they wouldn't be here because we felt obligated to try for a boy.

Last Saturday, Ruby had a dance to attend with her daddy. Shopping for dresses was interesting; I think a wedding for this one could be extremely dangerous and pricy.  She told me she would probably just need three dresses for the dance.

She asked me every day of the week when her dance was - and she went to the basement to diligently practice her dance moves.

Sweet friends/cousins that shared their fun night.

I spent Saturday with a darling friend.  I wondered what could have possibly happened at the dance when I missed three phone calls from Jimmy.  Turns out, I left to take my friend back to her hotel, and Jimmy didn't take keys to the dance - the girls got an extended play date as I was an hour away.

Later, we would come home to find that we didn't even lock the back door.

And since I'm feeling pretty good about the showcase of Daddy Brain after months of nonsense from him when I exhibit some lack in common sense - last Friday?  Yeah, I went to the best breakfast place ever with my friend Erin and my littlest critter.  It took longer than expected to be seated and get our food, and while I could have shoveled that food in at record pace and made the 20 minute trek back to get Ruby from school, I decided a more reasonable option would be for Jimmy to grab her since he's two minutes from her.  

Ruby gets out at 11:30.  At 11:37, I call Jimmy to tell him we are on our way, and when he picked up, I am fairly certain some choice words were let out and he followed them up with a statement about forgetting to get her.  I have never felt such an intense mixture of panic and laughter welling.  I really thought he was giving me a hard time, but alas, he did get there 10 minutes late to find her in the office with her teacher.  

As Erin said - it's a good thing it was the Dad.  I'm sure when they saw him, connections were made and they sort of thought "Oh, so that's why.."

And really - he forgot to get her in a timespan of about 30 minutes.  Whose mind have the children affected?

this kid spent ten minutes (NO JOKE) picking the pilling off the blanket last night before bed.  Check that one off in the baby book - "longest time baby ever sat still"

 Last week, after the lingering cough wouldn't cease, I took Eisley to a new pediatrician.  I have such little experience with accommodating reception staff, that I literally felt a slight urge to hug them.  The new doctor was equally as delightful, and diagnosed Eisley with a sinus infection.  She is so much better at this point, and our sleep is returning to reasonable hours in length.

concierto de Ruby y Eisley en zee bathtub.

Jimmy calls her Dunston after her bath.  I call her huggable, squishable, and perfectly yummy.

Valentine's projects are mid-thought and half done, Disney plans continue to manifest out of internet recommendations and friendly tips while appropriately themed items come through the mail.

I have about 948354 projects that are looming; mostly house related.  Simplify.  Then I will get back to them.  I have about the same number of books on my need-to-read list.



I can't believe this went unspoken in my last post, but Ruby drew her most epic drawing yet and subsequently told us the most shocking thing of parenthood thus far.

Ruby draws a picture of what is evidently "a stork" (don't even know how she knows about them) and then tells Jimmy, "It's coming our way!"

Here is when I really hope she isn't psychic.  Because that will make me psycho.

And somehow, that takes us to midweek - we are so close to picking up our treasured Aunt Sara and spending a fun weekend with amazing people.

Meanwhile, I can't seem to keep my hand out of the scotcheroos pan.

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