Wednesday, January 30, 2013

where's waldo and other happenings.

Obviously my busy life has yet to make way for regular blogging.  I used to keep late hours until we had a reason to be up early each day.  I spend my time running about, chasing children, building whimsical coffee tables, and hanging suitable decor about our home.  It's a fair trade off, but I long to blog with more frequency.

Phone rings, robotic caller ID lady shouts something about some medical facility for the 34549th time since we moved in and activated our phone.  I have finally started answering the calls, and everyone is looking for Waldo.  I am half-tempted to tell them they need to be looking for the guy in the red and white sweater and that this is the longest and most difficult Where's Waldo I have ever known.

We have had some disgusting bug floating around here that seems to disappear just long enough that I think it will be gone for it to multiply it's germs and come back with a vengeance.  Knocking on wood apparently wasn't enough proactive immunity, and all of us have a touch of something.  

I'm using Jimmy's day home as an excuse to relinquish my taxi duties, catching up on the most quality DVRed shows and doing all that I can to be better before a weekend full of fun things where sickness isn't invited.

Jimmy and I did sneak in a date night last weekend, which was long overdue and much appreciated.  We ate at a delicious new (to us) restaurant, and went to see Lincoln.  I'm always most impressed that we have been together for nearly ten years and still have this really high school-esque feeling to our relationship - immaturity, laughter, and butterflies.  I love that about him.  About us.

We have spent the last several weeks spoiled with visitors  - we have two more weekends of that, and a schedule that continues to fill with fun things.  Before we know it, we'll be in sunny Florida with more people we love and magical days full of beloved princesses and characters.

Sometimes, I have no idea how this is my real life; I feel like I might have stolen someone's fairytale.

Sickness and all.
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