Saturday, January 12, 2013

the one where she lost her mind and her sleep.

Should you ever find yourself with the inclination to discover what dealing with drug withdrawals through someone else's addiction, wean your near two-year-old cold turkey.  The same one that sleeps poorly, relies on her addiction to get her through the ouchies.  She may have bought that the milk was all gone during the day time, but having her listen to that rational streamline of excuses at 3 AM wasn't exactly successful.  Let's face it; a camelbak full of water isn't quite the same thing.

It was not in my original plans for it to end like this which leaves me feeling emotional and sad, but due to the fact that she nurses like a newborn throughout the night, it's beginning to affect her teeth, and I want to catch it before it causes serious damage.  I have dreaded this day for a long time, because as much as I am an advocate for natural, child-led weaning, I can't be the mom that nurses her school-aged child, and I'm nearly 100% confident that that would have been Eisley if I had held onto that philosophy.

And then there's this small part of me that thinks - Mama: 1, Eisley: 0 - because we're sitting at 24 hours in which my stubborn attitude beat her own stubborn mind which is sort of like climbing Mount Everest.  Or at least in my mind.

day 1


In other news, we have been in our house for an entire month.  Sometimes, the familiarity of it makes it seem like years.  Then I look in the garage.

And my Christmas decorations didn't make it until February like I had once threatened - we did get a solid month of glee from them and they are now back in their respective storage bins, much to Ruby's dismay.

I'm completely mixed up on days since the Broncos are playing today, and Jimmy's yelling at the television; which ought to be paid for since it seems to come so naturally.

Here we come, superbowl?

Orange muffins which deserve some sort of reward for their ability to remind me so much of cupcakes - baby snuggles, bubble baths, a date with my kindle fire, a journal rapidly filling up with Disney dreams, and dinner out with friends.

Ruby's first school art - I'll treasure it forever.

Happy weekend!

because this is extraordinarily fitting today.  [Found here.]

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