Wednesday, January 9, 2013

banner week

Last summer, I got disappointing news about Ruby going to preschool.  At the time, I was horribly disappointed with the way that it was handled and felt like I got the short end of the political pole, and due to the circumstances with us moving, it ended up being a positive move (I should surrender all questioning and worrying; there is always something better in store even when it seems impossible).

Fast forward through some hoop jumping and paperwork, and Ruby was taken off of the waiting list and thrown into her first day of school today.  Two days notice seemed like an unfair fight with obsessive compulsive tendencies and nostalgia, but I'm fairly proud of the walk away from school with no tears this morning.  Ruby had no problem with the transition, no lingering hand-holding, no hesitation.  I sent her off with a match to the felt heart I sewed to keep at home, just in case she felt scared.  She proudly told me she didn't ever need to get her heart.

I am so glad we got an extra half a year with her home; she seems to have transitioned into her first day extremely well; I was proud to get the reports from her teacher.

Meanwhile, I had coffee and breakfast with Murphy before running errands.

And while we're here, let's discuss the way the chemist's lab came to be in my laundry room yesterday. 

Here's a hint:

Lipstick on one of my favorite dresses of all time. 

Hairspray, alcohol, vinegar, baking soda, stain stick, nail polish remover, laundry detergent, and rags.  

And somehow...between mad swipes with a little of this and a little of that, most of it is gone, and the dress is salvaged. Crisis narrowly averted.  

And with impeccable timing capabilities, Eisley chose last night to have one of her worst nights ever.  It's like crappy sleep meets tempter tantrum, then they have a nightmare child.  That's my sleep (toddler ninja fighting in twilight) in a nutshell.

As if starting school wasn't big enough, we had our first big trip to the dentist this week; Impressive behavior for both girls, and something that has made itself cozy on my to do list, finally booted.

 We are in the midst of potty learning tendencies around here.  I can't ever stoop the level of momdom in which people describe potty habits; so these visuals shall suffice, along with the knowledge that this is basically like potty training a labrador retriever by which I am referring to the puddle size.

Okay, enough.

Nap time happened.  So this happened --

Punching my sewing machine in defeat briefly crossed my mind, but then I decided I shouldn't test my luck - he's cute, nothing's broken, and I finished in a relatively short amount of time.  

He has already been loved and throttled, and generally slobbered on.  I'm sure he'll soon be thrust into the lives of Eenie Panini and Annie Pie Crusts (I could not, in fact, make this stuff up if I tried - Ruby & Eisley, respectively, in their parallel universe that exists in the basement full of toys).

We have had a whirlwind month of moving, setting things up, hosting company, Christmas(es), and more - I think we may finally be slowing down.  In what seems to be sort of a sad change of events, we are no longer traveling for a belated family Christmas because the 30 hours in the car isn't feasible for a multitude of reasons.  The first year in all my life that Christmas wasn't spent with my family - a depressing thought by itself, but I have had a grand twenty-seven years full of tradition, love, and cookies for which I am thankful.

The countdown to Disney is on!

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