Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

2012 held one of my most favorite Christmases of all time.  Despite spending it without extended family, we made our own traditions without worrying about weather and travel and other schedules.  And this was the most magical year for Ruby - something that has enhanced the holidays into a magnified piece of joy for us.  It was little, and laid back, and perfect.

We spent last Saturday night at a Christmas party with an actual babysitter and adult conversation; rejuvenation!  Amazing food and drinks are always a bonus.  

On Sunday, our tiny little elf --Cincy-- threw a paper airplane littered with instructions that led us on a minor, but necessary, detour to Starbucks for a miniature hot chocolate for Ruby and lattes for us.  Then, it was on to our twinkling scavenger hunt; to look for the best of the holiday decorations.

We went to Christmas Eve service at the church I went to in college, with my most favorite pastor ever.  I had a hard time keeping it together during the service with overwhelming thoughts about how my life had come full circle.  Never, in my wildest dreams, had I ever envisioned my children in that very church, and the quick candlelight ceremony describing the Lord as our light hit so close to home; it rocked me to my core to have everything come together in the tangible form of a candle; to be reminded of what has pulled me through the rough times.

Really with the tiny toddler scrawl?  I could have died when she wrote this in all of her squealing excitement. 

 I can't express the magic that lied within every single act - the way she got really close to Cincy while taking care not to actually touch him and most definitely invading any and all personal space issues (should elves actually have them)....just to tell him how special he was.  The way she got so excited to see the Christmas lights with her tiny hot chocolate warming her hands.  The way she asked to watch her video from Santa over and over again.  Her daily countdown.  The way she gave others shoppers random "Merry Christmas!" greetings - the way she said that same thing with so much glee on Christmas morning.

Oh, Eisley.  Running after Ruby to assess Santa's handiwork; I'll never forget the way she stopped and looked up at Ruby to carefully note her reaction, then turning to look at us, as if to ask, "Is this real?"

 Ruby asked Santa for something I could have never predicted; a stegosaurus - and as predicted, it was nearly impossible to find, but the mission was met with sweet reward when she yelled to anyone that would listen that she GOT A STEGOSAURUS!

 Sister got some "lolos" so the can be just like Ruby.

We feasted like royalty; lobster bisque with assorted cheeses and breads for lunch; seafood linguine for dinner.  An entire day later, and I still feel impossibly full.

These babies are my entire world; Christmas this year was my favorite ever, despite the chaos.  New traditions, so much love and joy - absolutely indescribable.  In my wildest dreams of the future, I never could have imagined.

2012 is going out with a bang - what a roller coaster of a year with a positively high ending.  

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