Saturday, November 10, 2012

the one where she turns four

My sweet Ruby,

You are four years old today; we celebrated the exact minute you were born with appropriate snuggles and sleepy conversation.

It seems impossible that four years have gone by when I can remember the first moment I looked at your face so clearly.  And yet, you have come so far.  I am proud of the little girl you are becoming; you are polite, smart, beautiful, and have a love for Jesus and others.  A passion for learning, and a bigger heart than anyone I know.

You are easy to please; lately, many things merit the excited response, "This is the best EVERRR!"

Your imagination could rival anyone's - the stories you come up with are hysterical and unimaginable.  You often have your imaginary Grandma "Murray" right by one side, and Pippi on your other for all of your living room adventures.  You can turn a shoe and a crayon into two animated people, having lengthy conversations.

When I was pregnant with Eisley, I often wondered about rocking your entire world with the addition of a new sibling.  You were loving to her from the outside, and you handled all of that with so much grace. Today, you two are the best of friends and make some pretty adorable play buddies.  I'm blessed to watch my girls love each other - you are an amazing big sister and idol to Eisley.

You spend lots of time with Ama - you like to play on her phone, rearrange her couch cushions and practice gymnastics with her.  You also love to make cookies and play with play dough when you are there.

You would stay up all night if we kept the Food Network on, and you often request to watch "Chopped" of "Cupcake Wars" - you sleep in late, and I fear the adjustment phase when school begins.   You require books, many sets of hugs and kisses, and maybe even a few excuses before going to bed.  You eat just about anything, and you are as hungry as a teenage boy.  Aside from your never-ending stomach, you are quite easy to please.  You are thoughtful, and careful, and deliberate, and funny. Lovable would be the word I'd use to describe you.

You have a love of learning; things come easy to you.  You can read some words, you can count to twelve, know all of your letters, their sounds, and shapes.  You could spend hours making a list of words and names as I tell you how to spell.  You have an artistic streak to go along with your imagination; I'm afraid of the eventual size of the keepsake file.

The day I first laid eyes on you is one I will never forget.  I look at your face now, and see the same perfect nose, the curled eyelashes, and the same perfect ears.  You are a blessing of unspeakable proportions.  I have told you how much we prayed for you; what an amazing answer to prayers with the sweetest little girl I know.

I love you to the moon and back, princess.


When I grow up: I want to be a princess
Favorite color: blue

Favorite snack: granola bars
Favorite thing to do with Mom: play with her hair

Favorite thing to do with Dad: tickle
Favorite thing to do with Eisley: chase her
Favorite toy: balloons and play dough
Favorite tv show: Go Diego Go!

Best Friend: Dezi
For my birthday dinner, I requested: grilled cheese
I'm most excited about CAKE when I'm four.

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