Monday, November 19, 2012

the countdown continues

Last week, Jimmy asked me if I wanted to go to a state football games that weekend.  I think I actually had a negative interest level when I factored in my level of excitement over a team I know nothing about, the weather, and two kids that cared even less than I did.

So I drove an hour further to see this:

 under normal circumstances, I would never show you my house with floors like this.  Not that my floors ever look like this.

 many, many bubble baths and novels will be had here.

 laundry room and Ruby's bathroom

 in her very own closet (that's a new novelty!) and our eating area

 living room, butler's pantry (and laundry room)

 entrance, front porch

I'm so in love.

We are down to 23 days until it's all ours.  We will do our final walkthrough in 16 days.  Christmas in a brand new house was a lofty goal, but it will be attained beside boxes and chaos.

We finished off our day with a trip to American Girl and The Cheesecake Factory.

Then we caught a glimpse of our girls in about twelve years.

seriously?  because okay, I could swear they are only 4 and 1, and yet they are like professional shoppers.



peppermint-laced coffee

crafty evenings with my  mom, sans children

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