Thursday, November 15, 2012

the brain has left.

I'm not going to even pretend that I'm not suffering from mombrain² due to the lack of braincells that happens when children enter your life, more specifically second children, and then moving.

Also, I just came dangerously close to betting my mom that today was in fact Wednesday, and well any nearby calendar will tell you I have completely lost it.  I dreamt about life as a mom for decades and I can assure you I never had dreamy thoughts about how beautiful it would be to lose my mind with the addition of two very cute people.

there is joy in the little things amidst the chaos.

I'm taking the girls far, far away* tomorrow so I can tackle a bunch of stuff without playing Princess Referee.  When I told Jimmy this, I briefly wondered if mombrain²  was contagious because he quite literally (and unbelievably) asked me, "Are we going somewhere?"

And then it got really unbelievable.  When I said, "No, actually we are staying here and being productive without the critters.  You can pack up the garage."

(wait for it)

"What needs to be packed?"

I might have threatened to drop kick him from here to China if he ever said anything like that again, because seriously?  We have an oversize garage that is packed with random objects that I want to throw away and he wonders what might need to be done?

And also?  Last weekend, Jimmy thought someone was pulling a cruel joke when he found a live mouse in the toilet in the garage bathroom.  Thinking about it now makes me want to vomit.  He went and bought traps and set them immediately.  If I see a mouse running through my stuff, I might not make it to our new home due to a severe heart attack.

We are down to three weeks, six days until we're outta here.  If you had asked me an hour ago, I would have told you 4 weeks to the day.

*By far, far away, I mean ten minutes.  Completely out of my hair.



Bible verses to bring me peace

maple oatmeal scones

long naps (not for me, sadly)

positive people in my life

sister giggles from the other room

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