Friday, November 9, 2012

ninth day

Four years ago, tonight, I anticipated the birth of our first baby on the eve of my due date.  My deliberate, thoughtful baby made her big debut twelve hours and our lives were changed forever.


It seems like a huge difference.  She has been in my heart forever, and yet I remember the tiniest of toes, the curled edges of her lashes, and her perfect baby smell like she's still that tiny.  It seems like an entire lifetime has happened in four year; in a way that's exactly true.  I remember the moment I met her so vividly.

I'm so thankful for her, and the memories I will forever carry in my heart.  She gave love an entire new meaning.

I'm far more emotional about this birthday than any of the others, it's inexplicable other than I am so full of pride and joy when I think about her; then add in the bittersweet factor of watching her grow up.

My heart is more full than it was four years ago when I thought it would surely burst from the sudden amount of love I had for a brand new, tiny person.

birthday collage
Blessed would be an understatement.

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