Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween and moving

The sweet side opposing the bitter in this whole growing up charade is the excitement over the holidays.  This Halloween was the first holiday that my girls enjoyed together.  I will never forget my tiny little lion trudging along in her snuggly costume, refusing to accept help with her heavy bucket.  The way her little body bent completely in half inside of her little red wagon as she inspected every piece of candy in her bucket.  They way Ruby said, "This is the best Trick-or-Treat EVER!" before we had even made it to a single house.

In other news...

We have officially reached that point in moving where you really find out how serious you were when you took your marriage vows.

I'm kidding.


It's actually more of a time of personal reflection in which you question the level of sanity, the amount of college textbooks you have been storing for a decade, and the seriousness of said move.

I have so much I should be doing, I solve my problems by staying up until ridiculous hours, eating doughnuts, and buying things I might find I need in 2018 on etsy.  The last six weeks are going to crawl by as I struggle to remember the homes of my things.  And they're going to fly as I look around and see everything that I should be doing.

Is there a fast forward button with a packing maid option?  I'm so in.

1 comment:

Chelsy said...

This made me laugh out loud. I think remodeling also tests those marriage vows. And oh. My. Gosh. Those are the cutest costumes ever!!

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