Friday, October 5, 2012

of whimsy and gratefulness.

Don't forget to enter the scarf swap! {click on the chevron photo above for details}

Can I just tell you...

how crazy in love I am with these two and this time in my life?

I have seen some amazing things in my life recently, and when I stop to comprehend the magnitude of it all, I am left speechless.

When things happen through my blog, I am humbled and full of gratitude that something so small can do such great things, all because of readers around the world.

Recently, I met an amazing girl through my blog - Tess - she has an etsy shop where she makes the most adorable graphic art items.  It tickles me just to receive messages from her, because her accent is so prevalent and darling.

Thanks to pinterest surfing and idea journaling, I have finally settled on themes for some areas of our new home, more specifically the girls' rooms.

Full of color, whimsy, and joy - I am ready to hang these!  Go visit her - you'll get lost in her lovely wonderland.

I'm leaving you with images of salted caramel, because there's no such thing as too much salted caramel.

And because I'm in denial there is a chance of snow tomorrow.

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