Thursday, October 18, 2012

my grandma says

{don't forget to get those scarves mailed by this Saturday, October 20th}

Dozens of times a day, Ruby's fictional memories of her grandma surface to tell us how to do something or when to let her do something she likely shouldn't be doing.  The grandma she references is one of my favorite people in the whole world, my grandma, and actually Ruby's great grandma.  Ruby refers to her as Grandma Murray - her actual name is Grandma Marie.  I don't bother to correct her pronunciation because it's adorable, and it spawned the name she gave Eisley months ago that has lovingly stuck around.  Murphy.

Let me tell you just how much Grandma Murray knows.  It's everything.  Things in the kitchen, when Ruby should help, how Ruby goes to bed, how much toilet paper is to be used, the way we write our letters and draw various pictures.  The woman is an full fledged expert.

Ruby's imagination has always been something out of a storybook; the anticipation of an imaginary friend has been around for as long as she could talk.  Leave it to Ruby to have such a sweet little imaginary friend, based on one amazing person, giving us many laughs each day.

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