Saturday, October 27, 2012

life as it is and moving.

Despite the fact that my baby turns four in fourteen days, sometimes I look at these two and feel like I am living in a dream world.  I still wonder how they are actually mine and occasionally wonder if I should give them back to their rightful parents (I nearly typed owners, which is very accurate on the days they act like wild animals.  Which might be every day.)  A world where the two cutest girls love each other and love me.  Where we can eat breakfast for dinner whenever we want, where we can save the world in superhero gear every single day.

I managed to pull an all-nighter earlier this week in order to play catch up.  While wee hours of the morning are quite productive without screaming children, noon found me sick, shaking, and wondering if I was quite possibly sleeping while doing normal day things.  About the time I felt like my eyes were rolling around and ready to fall out, I napped with Eisley.  Am I really old?  All-nighters are no longer feasible options; there is no way to even pretend that you can beat the tricks of time.

All traces of fall have disappeared.  The leaves are gone, the hues just a memory, and the golden confetti has been traded in for snow.

We are beneath the 50 day mark for moving, and I have next to nothing packed.  Boxes and boxes of various kitchen gadgets have been put away, and most of the toys.  Decorations will come next, and then I'll be packing up clothes.  This dream is becoming a reality faster than I ever could have imagined, and we're about to enter a stage illustrated with panic and excitement.

Christmas shopping is usually in full swing by now, but being that I have to move this stuff around the state, I can't bring myself to do it.  This year, I'll have the grand experience of shopping on Christmas Eve and I'll love it.  I'm embracing the crazy because our ultimate goal was to be moved into a new house just in time for Christmas; we'll be doing just that.

In the meantime, I bake when I know I should be packing, pumpkin spice smells fill my house when the candles should be packed, me time happens in the middle of the night when I should probably be cleaning.

The girls and I celebrate quietly that football season is over with a surprisingly emotional ending and Jimmy back at home.

 Time is moving at an unbelievable pace, as always.  We're off for the ride of our lives.

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