Sunday, September 30, 2012

where memories are made

It's bound to be a great day when you awaken to the smell of your favorite maple doughnuts from the local bakery. The temptation to run in there to apply for a job is almost unavoidable--all in the name of discovering the art of these doughnuts of to die for status before we leave.  

I almost had a heart attack when I went to update my phone and it responded with horrid messages about all information and photos being eaten and destroyed; my mind flew to the numerous videos I have of my teeny, tiny Eisley.  Then I decided to quell temporary anxiety while I waited to see if some magic would happen within the wonderwall of iTunes with cookies.  Copious amounts of cookies.  Of course.

Those videos become more and more special and as time becomes more and more fleeting - I want to remember her little voice, her uncoordinated flailing, and her different baby face.  Nearing 19 months old; she is nothing the same.

A drive through fall hues and an unspeakable amount of surrounding golden leaves left me speechless this week.  The beauty of this season reminds me of so many things.   Little, big, and unknown.  I am reminded of various turning points in my life that revolved around the same hues.  The pumpkins, the smells, the rainy days, and the colors.  Favorite!

Guess who is done teething!!! until two year molars She has her opinions on sleeping through the night now that the teething excuse is out the window.

This little monkey also says Love You now which is something I will forever treasure - a tiny voice with a whole lot of love saying Luh Dah.

I have had the luxury of superhero protection in my home, nearly twenty-four hours a day.  Super hero capes and masks cannot come off - not even in public, just in case you ever wondered.

And in case you are wondering---I'm not at all upset about Ruby missing out on preschool admittance.  To think of all of the joy that would be missing is a little sad.  I know she'll enjoy the friendships when the time comes, but the one part of motherhood that allows for selfishness is the part where I want to savor every lasting second with my children and not have to share her, or her accompanying joy.

We made a scouting trip with Jimmy yesterday - it was a chilly night, the way Friday night football games should be.  There's a different twist to the fun of Friday night football with a busy toddler, and tiny chilly fingers along with a popcorn request on repeat.

Memories are made of days like this; maple doughnuts with a cozy blanket of gray clouds, snow-capped mountains surrounded by golden leaves, chilly football nights, tiny love you's beneath heavy blankets.  Pumpkin spice, delicious soups, and dress up afternoons.

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