Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm gonna miss this.

My favorite blog artist Kelsey added a little more glee to my life in the form of chevron with a side of yellow and turquoise.  Chevron happens to be the inspiration for an entire room in our new house, because thanks in part to pinterest, I am completely obsessed.

Today seems so perfectly fall-like.  I'm going to have a hard time waiting until September to get into full flown fall mode.  Lattes, fresh laundry with a side of overcast as I continue to let my fingers crochet art, listen to my children giggle, and dream of the things to come. While football steals my husband away for another season, and the packing of numerous boxes commences.


As predictable as seasons change, my children are professional sickness handlers as we travel.  We went "camping" (I use this term quite loosely) and the day before leaving, we discovered Eisley had a strain of Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  I think that's just about the most disgusting name for an illness, but watching my baby unable to eat, be touched, or get dressed was miserable.

As I drove home from a doctor appointment and a complicated string of errands with a feverish baby, I contemplated feeling sorry for myself but ended up in a completely different world.  As I bent my arm around my seat to make sure my baby was still breathing, a ritual that has probably been done a thousand times, I had the strangest pang of sadness when I realized that things like this - inspired by worry and indescribable amounts of love - would be missed as my children grow out of vulnerable, needy little ones, and into independent beings.

We blazed through grocery aisles to avoid aches and whines, and despite how crummy my baby felt, she made shopping into a game.  Yelling UH OH! as she purposely threw things out of the cart; I laughed as I told her you can't yell UH OH! when you do it on purpose.  She smiled and did it again.

I'm going to miss the way chubby, tiny fingers find comfort in petting me as sleepy eyes find themselves closed.

I'm going to miss the way Ruby asks me to snuggle her, morning, noon, and night.

The way Eisley calls her Ama Uh-Uh.

The way Ruby randomly bursts into song, singing "Buh-Buh-Buh Bunny and the gents!"

The way my girls steal sips of beloved Starbucks.

The way they carry their favorite books in their little fingers and fit perfectly in my lap.

The way bubbles, and chocolate milk, and sidewalk chalk seem to make the world go 'round.

Growing up is bittersweet.

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