Tuesday, August 28, 2012

fall is near.

We're savoring every last drop of summer as fall breezes buzz through our trees.  The night air is chilly; we are in that awkward phase where it's almost too cold to leave the fan on at night, but just stuffy enough without it.

Last trips made to the walk up ice-cream counter, the last walks to the park without sweaters.  The last summer we have here, going into the last fall we have here.  It's only slightly bittersweet, but mostly like a little neon sticky note reminding me to enjoy the present and to enjoy the ride.

As much we were disappointed about the preschool fiasco, it has it's positives.  I don't have to drop my baby off just yet.  We have things to do, places to be, and people to see while her peers are in school.  We have made our own fun with counting games and alphabet shenanigans.  I'm not quite ready to give her up yet, and I'm thankful she doesn't have a real concept of time and accepts the answer of too many kids being in her school for her to go just yet.

We spent Friday evening with dear friends for dinner.  They have the most animated dog - Buster the bulldog.  Eisley was fascinated with him until he opened the sliding door by himself and he broke her personal space-OMGPERSONALSPACE!!! rule.   Then she had a conniption and Buster returned to the deck.

We spent the raging hot afternoon of Sunday at the State Fair where my baby literally stuck to me, we paid THREE dollars to ride twirling bears that didn't twirl but made me nauseous, and I seriously wondered if I would die from the heat or if my damaged pelvis would break first.

I contemplated devouring friend cookie dough, fried fruity pebbles, or a fried cinnamon roll, but in the end left my fried indulgences with the pickles which has become something of a fattening yearly tradition.

We found the ceee-utest little lemur exhibit where I promised Jimmy that one day I would own a lemur after watching the antics of a wee 29-day old baby who had more personality than anything I had ever seen.

Than I watched Thing 1 and Thing 2 drink coke, fly through the air, and display random acts of mischief, and I decided I may have discovered the one thing that can tear apart a room quicker than Eisley.

Clyde the Camel - couple weeks old.

We have had a fun summer...

...but we're ready for the pumpkins, the caramel apples, delicious soups, football, pumpkin spice lattes, and late night dinners after football.


When I put our leaf placemats and burlap pumpkins on the table (yes, I did it already - shhh.) she asked why I was "decorations" the house.  When I told her it was almost fall, she stopped and said, "But what will fall?"

Oh, and um..we have a house!!!!


A few other tidbits:

Eisley is nearly 18 months old - I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around it.  It's almost as hard to figure out the fascination with throwing things in the toilet repeatedly.

My Etsy Shop is OPEN!  Lots of fun new things.

Big Bang Theory might be one of my favorite shows of all time; new guilty pleasure for Jimmy and I to watch at night.

Rook piercing?  Still ouchy.

I'm already tired of moving and we haven't even started yet.

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