Friday, July 20, 2012

oh, eisley.

Score two for the mom shoving entire hands down throats twice in one day.  Oh, and a call to poison control.

And then another call to poison control.  After shoving my hand down the throat one more time, for good measure.  And then nearly drowning her in the sink.

The fun size person in our house is proving to be...not so fun.

I'm half expecting to wake up to DCFS camping in my yard.

Waking up to the news about the shooter in the Aurora theatre makes my heart hurt, my head spin, and my blessings seem innumerable.

The day seemed to build on that horror; I was forced to end it with cake.

Life's grandest treasures this week:

Our precious niece Abigail celebrated her first birthday

I discovered Nutella Mug Cake

And Smokehouse almonds

dinner out with a sweet friend

trash the dress pictures are finished - and dreamy.

18 hats done and mailed (I'm running a crochet marathon; in case you wondered)

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