Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I never realized how much the rhythmic thumping coming from the washing machine sounds like a baby's heartbeat in utero.  A new incentive to want to hear that sound and get laundry done?  

We went home last weekend.  To our new home; the place that has felt the most right in my heart to call home.  Home with the kindest neighbors, the best cookies I have ever had just minutes away, and the most peaceful feeling in my heart when we pull in front of our lot.  

Our basement has a proper place in the chocolate ground, and the basement walls will find their way there this week.  We are on track to be moved around Ruby's fourth birthday in November.

I am learning to trust.  I am learning to have faith in all that happens in my life, and I am receiving the most rewarding benefits as I stop to look around me and take in each blessing, big or small.  I have been moved by bible studies happening in my life, and I relish the time I get to myself each morning in order to fulfill my soul, renew my spirit, and learn more than I ever have.

The teething shenanigans have raised their white flag.  An incisor has nearly broken the gums.  We are waiting for one more molar and the other incisors before calling it a victory, but after seven months with fitful sleep, a whiny baby, and teeth that disappear and resurface before making permanent appearances, I won't be sorry to see this phase come to an end.

And true to doing things her way, in her time, Eisley has said MAMA!!!  It's no longer a variation of nah nah, but the actual melt my heart, soft-voiced mama.

It was worth the wait.


every hotel stay brings up another opportunity for her to press the buttons in the "alligator."

As we went and looked at some various house things, she welcomed us into each home saying, "Welcome to America!"

Right side up = Upside Up


Jimmy called Eisley a hotrod last night; she started blowing on various things in reply to the HOT part.

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