Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ruby's interpretation of your middle name has stood as Murphy for months now - I have a feeling this nickname will be around for years to come.

Shocks of dark blonde hair have recently come tumbling over your ears in the form of tiny, nearly see through wisps.

Sixteen months have passed me by in a way that I cannot even wrap my mind around.  It's hard to imagine life without your love and your fiery personality in it.

You are so fiercely passionate about the things you want and do not want, it's inspiring and frustrating all braided into one complicated knot.  Spirited and charming, lovable on your own accord, and perfectly cute with that dimpled smile and complicated blue eyes with twists of hazel in the center.  I have never been so illuminated by clouds of love in my life.

I love your mimicked noises, your animal voices, and your love for laughter from those around you.  I love the way you through your tiny head back in delight as something you love ignites your life and lights up your face.

I love the way you have used the one time I have purchased Lucky Charms in the last five years to swipe the box, decide in record time that you will only eat the marshmallows, and sneak into the pantry on a daily basis to retrieve the colorful bits of fluff.

I love the way you make time in your busy days for books - when your chubby little fingers grab a stack of books and then you plop onto my crossed legs.

I love the way you light up when you are given something to throw in the trash.

I love the way you are so particular about covers and sleep routines.

I love the rare moments that you cozy up to Ruby and gently touch her face.  Snuggly moments with others are fleeting and treasured.

I love the way you radiate joy when you hear music and can't be bothered to keep your dance moves locked up.

 I love the way you have to have an unreasonable amount of items in your arms at all times, the way you are already a master of multitasking.

I love the way you watch your sister, doe eyed and amazed at her superior three year old capabilities.

I love your facial expressions, so full of emotion without apologies, so full of contagious joy.

I love your laughter.

I love your dimpled smiles.

I love your dinosaur stomp.

I love your spirited personality.

I love the way you beg to brush your teeth.

I love your love of dogs, and I love that you can't wait to help put clothes into the dryer. 

I love your chubby hands and feet, the soft spot at the back of your neck, your fuzzy head, and your baby smell, the way you squeeze my neck with your loving hugs, and the way you give big, slobbery kisses.

I love you, Murphy. To the moon and back.

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