Monday, June 4, 2012

growing up.

Growing up is such a bittersweet thing.  I have dreaded the months as they reach day 10 and now day 3 since I have had my girls because it means time is flying by as quickly as ever and my babies are becoming children.  It's amazing to watch the growth, sad to lose the baby things, and fun to compare my girls' milestones and to pit their personality traits against each other.

My smallest critter turned 15 months old yesterday.  I remember this age with Ruby - it's one of my very favorites.  Needy like an infant, and yet so thirsty for discovery.  Eisley's vocabulary has taken off - she says dog, dad, Ama, sissy, shirt, thank you, hi, hello, buh-bye, ball, this (which sounds more like ZIS! accompanied by pointing), cheese, and much to my dismay, the mama's girl herself will only say NAH NAH for mama - is there a support group for this?  She signs with manners very well, and will usually sign "more please" without prompting.  I love her evil laugh - ha ha HA! and her mimicked shhhh! and her blown kisses.

But the thing that just blows my mind is her receptive language.  She understands nearly everything that I tell her or ask her, and can answer with a nod or shake of the head- she can go retrieve things, she can point to her nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and hair, and she can tell me animal sounds.  Her slobbery kisses and her hugs are not something she gives out freely to anyone, but they are so cherished when I receive them.

And my precious Ruby - she's set to go to preschool this fall.  She is beginning to read words, and she loves to spell - what happened to her being Eisley's size?  I blinked, that's what.  She is so imaginative, it's scary...and extremely entertaining.  If you happen to visit Ruby's Restaurant, they will be out of everything except orange juice and water, but she does provide the credit card for payment purposes.  You win some, you lose some.


In other news: I am perfecting my barista skills, helping Ruby to pen some very interesting books, and making new hats every day.

I got the most delightful package containing a dream shower curtain (is this really my life?) from Anthropologie and the most fun books for my girls.  Aunt Sara always sends the best packages.

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