Saturday, May 5, 2012

of thankfulness

My smallest critter, running for daddy's legs as I fill my mug with steaming coffee - hugs and back rubs commence and she smiles, as if that's just what she was after.  My little peanut turned 14 months old this week - how can it be?

My bigger critter crawling into bed early this morning to ask, "Can I snuggle you?" where she spent the remainder of her time asleep.

Watching my mom pull my two precious girls off to the post office in their little red wagon; one clad in a faux cowboy hat, decorated with a flower, the other sporting her brightest sun hat and a pair of sunglasses that barely stay above her nose.  The intermingled tootsies in the bottom of that wagon are enough to make me all ooey gooey on the inside.

Hearing Ruby pray without guidance to help her watch over her sister was enough to make me shed tears at the dinner table last night.

Eisley's dance moves are of a nature that can't be stopped - if there is music within earshot, she can't stop the wiggles from escaping.


Sadly - I missed the very best part of this dance, but her reaction to KT Tunstall is still rather amazing.  And definitely smile worthy.

Our trip to the city that never sleeps is looming - I can't wait for the fast pace, the food, the walking, the shopping, and the shows.

Other lovely life tidbits:

sushi with my family and my sister
watching my girls play with their dolls
watching Eisley gently pat her sister as she sleeps
peanut butter and bananas
monster cookies
laundry fairies.

Oh, wait..


Last night, we went to dinner with our moms - Ruby insisted on dessert, so she ordered a brownie and ice cream to share.  She ate a massive bit of ice cream all at once, looked panicked for a minute, shivered, and then said, "My head is a little bit cold."

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