Monday, May 28, 2012

the most exciting! and summer days

Happy Memorial Day!

Exciting future plans await!  This will be our last day celebrating on behalf of those that have served selflessly, the gateway to summer, and an extended weekend in this house!

We sealed the deal this weekend, and we will be moving [fingers crossed] by the end of the year.  We met some of the sweetest neighbors which which only extends the excitement and all things colored with impatience.  I'm somewhere in between the initial Let's do this! and the impending OH MY GOSH - how did we possibly accumulate all of this stuff and who in the world is going to pack it? Ignorantly in between the two is where I will remain for the month, and then things will start to become a little more real with follow up meetings, finalizations, and knocking another whole month off of our timeline.

We have a brand new address, a promising little piece of land, and our lives have officially been signed away in a folder marked with our lot number three and a half hours from here.

Here it is - I cannot wait to turn this into my dream home.


Summer is here.  We spent the afternoon out by the pool, doodling, bubble catching, ant watching, and popsicle eating days are in full swing around here.  I hope to pull out the bike soon and lug my pair of chunky monkeys around town.

We have been fighting the most wicked, teething-induced diaper rash in the history of all the world.  Between the teeth themselves (one of four molars has finally broken) and this rash, snuggles and gentle hugs have been priority over most other things for the last week.  Finally on the mend, my littlest little can resume her normal dancing, reckless ways.  In the past week, I have begun to see very obvious wheels turning - she understands everything I say, she knows where many body parts are, she communicates with signs very well, and she gives the best hugs and kisses.

Ruby falls in love with herself on camera:


This past week, Ruby went to the bathroom and needed help.  I couldn't get to her right away, but Jimmy was nearby at the time.  All of a sudden, we hear: "Mr. Handy?  Mr. Handy!  Mr. Handy?"  on repeat (x500) and it took that much longer to get to her because neither one of us could peel ourselves out from the heavy laughter.


I am slowly getting things from NYC together.  I have far less on my shoulders at this point, and yet more at the very same time.  Also?  Nice weather makes me want to ditch all electronics and spend the days outside.

Also - I have strawberries, and leggings, and cutest little chicken hat to finish before I start on my huge order of newborn hats and things.  And lest we forget the cupcake, the sock monkey, the zig zag beanie, and the owl.

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