Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the best job ever.

It has been a long while since I have looked to the future with such passionate optimism - possibly since I was a lot younger, anticipating my role as mom and wife, and a potential dream career.  Self encouragement in the way of living in the moment has been a priority, especially since having my children.  Time goes by quickly enough - it doesn't need my help in wishing it away.  Slowly, the impending move is sweeping me off of my feet; I am unable to resist becoming excited as I picture our stuff in various nooks in potential houses.

Celebrating nothing in general, we took girl's night out to the ultimate extreme, and my sister, mom, aunt, and I found ourselves in the midst of the chaos and exhilaration in New York City for four days.  I'm hardly caught up on sleep, but my love of the city reached new heights, along with my love and appreciation of my husband.

The way the trip worked out left me without my little ones on Mother's Day which was heart wrenching.  I awoke to beautiful roses and chocolates being delivered to our hotel room, and later heard the words Happy Mudder's Day uttered from my precious Ruby.

I am so thankful for the man that helped me to become a mother, and I will forever be indebted to my precious girls and my angel - for the title of mother and for the most precious gift of all, to know unconditional love, uninhibited joy and the the need for discovery.  I have learned more as a mom than I did in all of my life before them.  Messy ice cream faces are the best ones to kiss, the tiny places at the nape of their necks are my favorite to nuzzle.  There should never be just one bedtime story, sometimes the best days are the ones spent in pajamas, baking cookies, saving leatherback sea turtles, and constructing countless block towers.  Bath times should be used to get good and wrinkled, to escape to faraway lands with mermaids and boating adventures.  Tired, fluttering lashes, sleepy words that fail to make sense, the gentle touch of chubby fingers, and the innocent looks behind beautiful eyes are some of my favorite things.  Pancakes are a perfectly acceptable dinner.  Cookies are best baked in tutus, and quite possibly no other clothing.  Murmurs of You're Beautiful! in the most unbeautiful moments of my life are heartwarming and humbling.  Sister kisses and shared snacks are a favorite, as are exchanged hugs and I love yous.  The magic of holidays, every day life, knowing Jesus, and discoveries great and small has never been so profound.  The simplistic ideas of life and love through a child's eyes are something I treasure every single moment, and the unexplainable love between sisters is something emblazoned into my heart forever.

While I was unable to spend Mother's Day with my girls and my love, they made sure I felt extra special on that day, and even more so when I arrived home.  And just as I hope every mother is, I am celebrated on a daily basis which makes the work of motherhood seem like play.

My dreams of motherhood couldn't come close to capturing the reality of it - I am bound to such joy for as long as I live, and I'm so thankful to know this role.

[Tales of NYC coming soon, quite possibly after house hunting.]

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